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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 11

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Krit-Atman. Atman is the Self. Krita comes from the word Kri, which means to do. You have purified your Atman. The terminology is not right because Atman itself does not need any purification. It is ever pure, ever free, ever wise. It is a manner of speech because we are not fully aware that the Self is ever pure, ever free, ever wise. We are aware of the things on top of the Self, such as our negative samskaras, karmas, vasanas, our mind, our buddhi. Cultivate yourself every single moment of your life.

A human being is bound to perform actions. Because of those actions we bind ourselves, with exactly the same kind of karma we have performed. Karmas are like a chain. Some karmas are like a golden chain. Most of them are. We get deluded and then we bind ourselves and then one day we see that we have bound ourselves so tightly that it is very hard now to undo.

If you are moving ahead, your language changes. That does not mean that if you speak French, you will speak Spanish the next day. It means your perception will change. The same sentence or same book will have a totally different meaning. In other words, you do not react when someone says something as you would have yesterday or last year. You always wish the best to that person who has harmed you. It is the quality of a meditator, the quality of a saint. 

We do satsang as we are doing. Satsanga indeed means company of saintly. What does that saintly mean? The saintly qualities that we are cultivating within. They are there but we are becoming aware of them. We are purifying the samskaras that are holding us from not being aware of our true nature. 

In the first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, we don't know what to do. We don't even believe we have the capacity to do something because there is a curtain in front of the buddhi. If you cultivate your buddhi, you can elevate yourself quickly. Any advice you give cannot be wrong if you give from your buddhi. Buddhi is that source from where intuition flows. It flows from the Atman, from the individual soul, through the buddhi to you. 

If your buddhi has been closed or dusty then you cannot recognize that there is a message or advice for you.

Buddhi, is very faithful, it always gives us indication but we have no idea how to access it.