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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 2

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Swamiji, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, always says that 50% of our unhappiness is created by the mind. We create it for ourselves even though we don't want to be unhappy. We do not know that unconsciously, unknowingly, we are creating unhappiness for ourselves. That is the truth. 

Nobody comes and makes you happy. 
Nobody comes and makes you unhappy.
The real happiness is within.

You can make yourself happy and you do make yourself unhappy. It is not somewhere outside where we have to go and search. And that's what actually we are doing - searching for that peace of mind. We are going from one place to the other. We are never satisfied with what we get. Momentarily we may be happy, there may be some kind of satisfaction. Later on you'll find that wasn't what you were looking for. And then the search begins. It is a never ending search. One day we depart and that cycle goes on and on. You come here, live your life and suffer so much turmoil and then we go and then we come again, so that cycle goes on and on. We are never free because we have not discovered that happiness, that peace, shanti, and liberation.

The Gita can teach us liberation from our mental blocks, confusion, problems, unhappiness, turmoil.

Liberation has many meanings. Liberation does not mean that you just leave the world or leave your body. We are not talking about that liberation here. The Gita can help us with all kinds of turmoil and unhappiness, with the problems we have around us. When we sleep and we get up, we always find ourselves tense. We are never rested, even though we sleep 6 or 7 or 8 hours. There is always a need to have more sleep because we do not get rest. So we are bound. There is a boundary, limitations. The mind has become narrow. We have a narrow mind because our thinking has not been expanded. Our ideas are a certain way, because we do not understand. So all the answers for our liberation is written in this book.

The Gita can take you a lifetime to understand.

This is the book that you read every single day. Read just one verse a day. Apply what you learn. You can read for years and years. The beauty of Gita is that each time you read, it gives you totally different meaning.