You need to check your own causes of addiction. You know that during this two weeks eleven different people have come to me and said that I said this and this exactly pointing at them. Eleven different people have said that to me. “Why did you choose me particularly to talk about?” It’s because we all have the same problem. We all have the same problem.
You know the Indian story of Chahoti Dahemitra? You know that story? The thief could not be caught, could not be caught, could not be caught. So the king issued an order to the ministers that if the thief is not caught within three days, off with all the ministers heads. So one wise minister called all the possible suspects to the court and watched them carefully. And he said, “Well, I know which one of you is the thief. The one who has the tiny bit of straw stuck in his beard is the one.” And just one went looking for the tiny bit of straw in the beard. “You are the one!”

So people listen to this and say, “He’s talking about me!” And this used to happen with my Master too, and I would think, “He’s only talking about me.”

And then someone else would say, “Dr. Arya, did you see how he was criticizing me so badly?”

“Oh, I thought it was me.” So the instruction was just like that. So these are universal. Everybody has the same universal problems. Everybody has the same universal impurities. Just apply the principles to yourself. Someone says something, and you take it badly. All right! And you interpret it as a hostile sentence.

Sit back and see if there is any other possible positive interpretation of that sentence somebody has said. Write that down. That is an advanced practice. Reinterpreting that which we have negatively, previously negatively interpreted and giving it a positive interpretation. Why would someone be saying this? Why would someone be doing it? Find all the possible arguments in his or her favor. Okay.