Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

The Story of Vinod

There was a disciple of Gandhi, whose name is not so well known, Vinoba. It is even less known now than it was thirty years ago. He was Gandhi’s spiritual successor: Vinoba. Some of you may have heard his name. So in one particular part of India there was a Communist revolution starting, so he decided to go there personally, a saintly man. In that country, if you are a saint, it doesn’t matter; even the Communists will bow down to you. That is the way. That is the tradition. So he went around to these people in the village and he asked, “Why are you taking up arms?”
They said, “Well, here are our landlords, and we have been like bonded slaves for all these centuries. We have no land, nothing. There is no future for our children. What do your expect us to do?”

So he took upon himself the task of speaking as a saint, as a sage. And when someone like that speaks, the rich and the poor all come to listen. And he spoke the to richest landlord of the village, and said, “Will you adopt me as your son?”

“The successor of Gandhi? A saintly man. Ah, do I deserve a son like you? What do you mean? What an honor to our family for you to become our son!”

“All right? You will adopt me?”


“Okay, then give me my share of the land.”

And that way he went from village to village on foot and covered millions upon millions of miles on foot, and everywhere he got himself adopted as the rich landlord’s son and asked for his share and redistributed the land. One man! No big, major social upheaval required. No. But that required a spiritual strength and a faith in oneself and faith in the path of non-violence. He changed the face of numerous, hundreds of villages in that country. That would be merely a footnote in the history books, if at all.