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I went to see Marcell Marceau. Just really, really, really masterful exquisite. I think one of his pieces was David and Goliath both together. This is David and this is Goliath. Each one of us is a David and a Goliath. Which one is it? You see, until we can resolve this question of "What am I?" I'm going to keep on going from identity crisis to identity crisis. Our identity crises occur because we have learned to identify with each situation we are in, being forced to identify ourselves with that situation. "At home I, as a child, have to be one way with my parents. At school I have to be another way. I have an identity crisis." "The church tells me to behave in this manner. All the people in the dormitory in which I live at college are an entirely way. Is this the norm of behavior or is that the norm of behavior? I have an identity crisis." My company sends me abroad, and I go to Paris to learn French and marry a French woman. I have an identity crisis because I think that my identity is nothing but my situations."

I have lived personally in so many different cultures and so many different countries, and in each country I have a home. When I leave the United States, I say, "Too bad to leave home!" I get into the plane and turn off this country, this language, this culture. I turn on the other one. I get off the plane in the next country: "Great to be home!" I leave the people of that country, many of them crying. "Too bad to leave home. I'll come back soon." I get into the plane and turn off that country and turn on the next one. I have no identity crisis, never have had any. Why should I? I'm not my situations. I am not my situations! The situations are around me. I am I. I handle the situations. I look at the situations objectively. I analyze the situations. I am; therefore the situations are.

If I know myself, the situations have no effect on me. I create my situations. I change them according to my belief system. It is not that the systems give me a belief system – because I have a personal philosophy of life against which I measure all the various possible modes of behavior that are being presented to me. Follow? Find that one. Who is that? Who am I?