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Now, very, very subtly, okay, I have brought you to a point where I am asking you not only to question your identification with your possessions, or things you are related to, but the very physical "you" that you call yourself. Let us then view this human being as a composite being in a composite universe. Let's view this human being: a composite being in a composite universe.

I would recommend also, if you have not yet read my book Superconscious Meditation, there's a chapter entitled "Personality and Self." Let us say this is the entire universe here. [The illustration from the book is a series of concentric squares, from the Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Planet, etc. to the Self.] Let us say that within the universe is your solar system. You say, "It's my solar system. That's where I live." All right. Here is a little bit less, slightly more limited, little bit less expansive, coming down to our little planet. On this planet, which we love most – we don't realize we do until the Martians invade; then we'll all be very patriotic about this planet. At present it's just ephemeral entity. Nobody thinks about it, right? All right, here is your planet. Now, day in and day out, I go about my business. I love myself most, but let someone confront this nation, then this nation is mine. I may criticize my country all the time, but let somebody else do it, and then I'm ready for a battle. Right? This is my nation. Okay, and here is my state or my city – becoming more and more limited. Here is my neighborhood, which doesn't mean much these days. Here is my family. Getting smaller, getting closer to home. My extended family. My immediate family. My – what comes after the family? – my dear, beloved body. My senses. My mind. In the mind – and in the mind and our mental being, there are many other layers upon layers. All right? At some stage, some place in our life, at different times, we have different degrees of the expansion of our consciousness. So we identify with one square at one time, and with another square at another time. Each one of those squares we have given titles and names. Get it? Now my question is: "Besides all of these squares, is there some "one," some "other," that is really "me"? And which one is that? That is the question.

What is that point? Is there that point in the center? In the yoga philosophy we say, "Yes, I am That." All of these, even my body, tall or short, sometimes looks ugly to me, sometimes looks beautiful to me, sometimes look tall to me when I'm in the presence of somebody shorter – "Ha hah! Look at that short fellow! I'm so tall." – and sometimes looks short to me when I'm in the presence of somebody tall. Which one am I?