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All these notions that we have about the "self," this conditioning
of the mind, is false. None of these is the "self." You put some money into a bank account. You say, "I am rich." Will you please stand before the mirror stripped naked and look at yourself and say which part of you is rich by that money? What is the connection between that money and you? What makes you rich? Follow? It's a conditioning. It's a title you've given to this one, this one here, which is just no connection at all. The money is not put in your ears or nose; and if it was, we might be uncomfortable. Define these conditions. Analyze these conditions and demolish the conditioning. Then you will find the Self. The yoga philosophy, the philosophy of meditation says, "Demolish and abolish all of this external conditioning, and then you will find the Self."

This name you carry is not you. It's an artificial conditioning. You are a little child. Everybody looks at you and says, "Jane, sit up. Jane, sit down." So you say, "Well, they look at me and utter a sound. It's got to have some connection with me." That's conditioning. "I love that name so much." If you're at a party and there are seventy-five people in the hall all buzz-buzz-buzz, everybody having their conversations, and you're in this corner of the hall, and somebody in the other corner of the hall talks to someone else and says, "Jane," your ears pick it up. Very strong conditioning. And we all create our values about ourselves on the basis of these conditions of mind that have been imposed on us. All kinds of titles. What are you? "I'm a doctor." What are you? "I'm a psychologist." "I'm a teacher." "I'm a father." "I'm a son." "I'm a daughter." The question that the yoga philosophy raises apart from this "I'm husband." "I'm wife." "I have a long nose." "I have a small nose." "I have big eyes." "I have small eyes" – apart from all of these conditions, apart from all of these identifications, is there something other, a core "you," which does not carry any of these titles, any of these relative conditions that keep changing and keep taking you up and down? – One day "Oh, I'm so happy!" One day "I'm so depressed!" Apart from all this conditioning, all of these names and titles, is there something that is beyond these, apart from these, buried, buried under the weight of these heavy rocks of external conditioning? In the yoga philosophy that one is called Atman. That one without those conditions is called Atman, the Self. And That is the "self" one should seek to see, one should aspire to hear about, one should contemplate and meditate upon.