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What we are saying in the yoga philosophies is "Realize your Self." That is called Self-realization. Now, the words "self-realization" and "self-actualization" are being used in a whole different sense. When we speak of Self-realization, this is what we mean, this is what we are talking about. Knowing myself as That, that luminous Being, as a beam of Light, true Light.

When "I" the unborn, "I" who was never created, who have ever been eternally, and therefore "I" who shall never die, who shall never cease to be eternally.

When my Wave touches this body, that which would have been staring cold stones become glancing, loving, flirting eyes.

When "I" touched this body, that which would have been a hanging piece of leather in the mouth becomes this singing, speaking, wagging, gossiping tongue.

When "I" leave my one night's nest on this dream and the bird, "I", the free-winged Bird that "I" am flies away, that which is the speaking, singing, wagging, gossiping tongue turns into a piece of hanging leather and those glancing, looking, loving, flirting eyes become two pieces of cold staring stones, because "I" have left this nest and am gone.

And that "I" has no fear, not one fear in this world. That "I" has all knowledge at its disposal. That "I" is the source of all the intuition and all the revelation.

You are that Divine Being, the Temple of God, the Salt of the Earth.
People say, "Yes, yes, Doctor Arya, but here in this culture . . . ." It's fashionable to say those words, you know: "In my family . . . ." or "In my country. . . ." And you hear that in America. If you go to France, you hear the same thing. There are two or three words or phrases that everybody says: "Here in this country. . . . " "Here in this culture we are taught that we are sinners, we are filled with guilt and so this idea is just strange, separate, different."

My friend, if somebody has filled you with guilt by saying, "You are a sinner! You are a sinner! You a sinner," one thousand times. If somebody has repeated to you, one thousand times, "You are sinnner! You are sinner! You are sinner!" and because of that you are feeling bound and tied and depressed and guilty, do not the same scriptures also say that you are the Temple of God? Why have you chosen to listen to only the one side and not the other?

Well, you say, "Well yes, but that is never emphasized." Okay, then why don't you emphasize it? If somebody has conditioned your mind in a certain way, saying to you a thousand times, "You are a sinner! You are a sinner! You are a sinner!" all you have to do is to say one thousand and one times, "I am the Temple of God! I am the Temple of God! I am the Temple of God.!" The power of that previous conditioning will be removed. You're won over. Who prevents you from that? Meditation is that reconditioning. Understand that.
The luminosity of all the objects in the world depends on you. The chair you are sitting on, the rug you are sitting on doesn't know who you are, but you know it is. That rug you are sitting on has not the luminosity of the consciousness to throw that luminosity on you and say, "I am, and this person isn't. And he's sitting on me I'm going to revolt." But you have the luminosity of consciousness – "I am here. I am sitting on the rug. The rug is getting worn. I'm going to change it. The luminosity is in that consciousness.

The worth of everything in the world proceeds from you. You and I, we the conscious beings have said among ourselves, "Let's consider diamonds valuable. Agreed?" "Yes, agreed." We have said, we the conscious beings, have said, "Let's consider diamonds' value." Now we have put a value, a price tag on the diamond. I have put the price tag on the diamond.

Now by the value that I have put on the diamond, by that value, now I evaluate myself. Because I have the diamond, I'm valuable. Look at the lady wearing the necklace of diamonds. She's very valuable. I am not very valuable, because I have no diamonds. Did the diamonds say that? So, we are giving value to the objects of the world, and on the basis of that value, we are now evaluating ourselves.

That is not where our self-worth, or our self-confidence or our knowledge of ourselves comes from.