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It's like a man who went away from his own country to work abroad in other lands and worked hard and worked for many, many, many years. And he saved a large amount of money. After the end of his years of toil he decided to go back to his own country and thought it was not safe for him to travel with all that money on him bulging his pockets. In those days there were no traveler's checks. So he converted his entire cash, the fruits of his many years of labor, into one single diamond, and he hid that diamond on himself.

But when he was buying the diamond, he was seen by a professional thief. And as the man starts his journey, the professional thief comes along and says, "Hello."


"Which way are you going to be going?"

"I'm going to-such and-such country. Is that where you're from?"

"I happen to be going the same way. Two are better than one on these dangerous roads. Wouldn't it be nice if we both travel as companions?"

"Oh yes, certainly, so glad to have company."

So the two traveled together, the thief and the man who owns the diamond. At night the owner of the diamond sleeps and the thief works. He searches, quietly searches the pockets of the traveler, the traveler's pockets, looks inside his shoes, under his pillow, under his sheets, under his bundles and finds no diamond. Half the night he spends searching for the traveler's diamond and finds no diamond. Falls asleep. Frustrated, he wakes up in the morning tired. And he travels the whole day. And again in the night he's at work and searches for this diamond in the shoes, in the pockets and in the pillows. And so it goes on night after night after night.

The poor thief is getting crabbier and crabbier, and the traveler is enjoying himself, his journey, his company, and sleeps well at night. As the traveler arrives at his destination, the thief accompanying him, the thief and the traveler bid goodbye. But before they bid the final goodbye, the thief says, "Friend, I have a confession to make."

"Oh yes, what?"

He says, "Well, you see, I really didn't have any business in this country. I'm a professional thief. And my professional honor, my professional self-worth is at stake here. I will give you five-hundred dollars . . . because every night I searched your pockets and your pillows and your sheets and your shoes, and I know you have a big diamond, and that's what I was after. I'll give you five-hundred dollars if you'll just tell me the secret. That's all I want to know now. I'm not after your diamond anymore. Just tell me the secret of where you hid the diamond every night."

And the traveler says, "Friend, I know you are a thief and you were after my diamond. That was no secret from me. And I hid the diamond every night where you couldn't find it, where you wouldn't look for it."

"Where I won't look for it?"


"Where did you hide it?"

"Every night when I went to bed, I hid it under your pillow."

After you have searched all over, you will find it. Look under your pillow for that diamond!