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We all are in love with ourselves. Each one of us thinks, "I am
the center of the universe.

I am sitting here. Everybody else is sitting around me. But where you are sitting you say, "I am sitting here. Everybody else is sitting in relationship to me. That person is there in relation to me, and that person is there in relation to me." Right? So this "self" is the most important query we have in life. We do things for the satisfaction of the "self." We want this "self" to be admired, adored, appreciated, valued, taken care of, fed, provided sensations to, given rest to. We all have a certain self-image. We all talk about self-worth, self-interest, selfishness, unselfishness. We all are preoccupied with the concept of "self" in one way or the other. Yet, the question arises: What do we mean by the word "self"?

The Upanishads are the texts that record the dialogues of the
ancient masters and students. The word "Upanishad" means to come and sit very close and near. These are dialogues between masters and those disciples who are close and near to them. Sometimes it has been translated as the mystic doctrine or the secret doctrine. What's the secret? That we'll talk about a little. It's a kind of a secret that although we will talk about it a little, it will still remain a secret. What kind of a secret it is that you let it out and it doesn't remain a secret anymore? A secret is a secret that you publish in all the newspaper headlines tomorrow morning, say it over all the radio stations and over all the TV stations and in every phone conversation and in every gossip, and yet it remains a secret; then it's a secret.

And that's the secret of the masters. You can talk about it all you want to. You can read all the books that are available on the market, and yet it is going to remain a secret. It's going to remain a secret until you stop talking about it. Then it becomes a revelation. When you stop talking about it, you stop dispensing, dissipating, wasting your vocal and mental energy out and you absorb energy into your meditation. And there, in the secret chamber of the heart, in the secret chamber of consciousness, will you then find this secret revealed to you. The more you talk about it, the more the world will hide it. The words are the sheaths and the cases and the covers that conceal the secret. Hence, meditation is silent, lest the words cover it, hide it, conceal it. And any state of consciousness is that way.