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Convervences and Confluences - 9

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How does our sense of proportion develop? You look at a picture and you say, "This is well-proportioned." You look at an image, you never apprenticed yourself to a sculptor, and you walk into the art gallery and you see a piece of sculpture, and you know this object is well-proportioned, and this one is not; it shouldn't be here. By what process does someone who has had no training in proportion respond to something well-proportioned?

Why does a child like a round pebble? Why does he respond to the shape of a shell? How do we know that this flower is beautiful? A little toddler walking with the mother for the first time in the park, and she says, "Come along, come along, come along." And he has his own world but his spirit is still exploring the pathways within the body and then trying to get out and look at the blade of grass. And he comes upon this teeny-weeny little yellow or blue flower that our adult eyes can hardly see without a microscope. But his untrained eyes look for that teeny-weeny yellow or blue flower, and he bends down and picks it up and says, "Momma, you," meaning "for you." By what process does he know that this is attractive and this is beautiful?

A child of a few weeks knows that there's another baby. Who told him? He sees a baby, and he sees this is someone like me. Who told him? The infant has not seen his face or his body in a mirror, but there is another baby of his age, and he's immediately attracted. Why? How does he know that this one is like me? As I recall from my son, I don't remember whether he was a few days old or a few weeks old, and we came home and he sees a picture of a baby on a Pampers box and he smiles at it. Who told him? How does he recognize it as a counterpart with which he has some affinity? Because, it is incorrect to say that because the child has not seen himself in the mirror, he has not seen himself. It is incorrect to say that because the child has not seen himself, the child has not seen himself. The child has seen himself even more clearly than you do because there is something within the child and within every individual called the mind.

And one of the things the mind does – something you are not aware of – is that it scans your entire personality. The mind does a million times more things than you are aware of.