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Convervences and Confluences - 7

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We spoke of convergences and confluences.  The streams and rivers of universal energies.  The eddies, whirls and waves that are created in those universal energies to give shape to many, many similar forms.  This principle of the morphogenic – and I admit the word "morphogenic" is not of my coinage; this one word I borrowed from elsewhere, and I wish I could remember the name of the author.  [Possibly Rupert Sheldrake]   This principle of the morphogenic forces is shown in the tradition of yoga philosophy and in what is known in the tantra system as the mandala.  Mandalas are designs that are projected from the intuitive knowledge of the ancient sages, exactly the same as the mantras have been handed down.  

When a certain design is associated with a certain mantra, the technical term for it is yantra.  Each sound vibration creates a pattern in the energy field.  I spoke of the sound that travels through space radiating light, called the light that travels through space producing sounds – one and the same principle which can be stated in either of these two ways or both ways.  

And the space I refer to is not the space between this earth and the sun alone, not the space of the cosmos, but the spaces of the interior world of consciousness that is within ourselves. There also the principles of light and sound are one.  Our entire personality is composed of energy patterns.  Patterns following certain lines.  The human mind has a certain awareness of these patterns.

Let's us here understand something about the human mind.  A child is born and begins to move his eyes or hands and learns to coordinate them, learns to walk, learns to speak.  How does the spirit that has become enfleshed, incarnate, incapsuled in this body, learn the pathways that the consciousness should follow from the seat of the spirit to, say, the eyes, to the tips of the finger or the tips of the toes?  Who has provided this spirit with a map of the city in which there are probably a million miles of nerves and a billion cells?  By what process does it establish control?  

The king establishes control from his throne extending to the parameters of the city – the outer walls of his fortress.  Through what commanders and through what ministers does he rule the city?  How does he know what pathways to take to wriggle the toe or to burp?  There is a pattern of energies flowing from the life-force from the seat of the spirit along the lines of which this city is planned.  Those patterns of energy are the blueprints and the map.  And the spirit simply follows that blueprint and that map and knows how to run the city and how to make all the various forces and faculties in this personality obey his command and work under his volition.  Knowing that entire pattern of energies, it is also capable of communicating something about that pattern of energies.