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Convervences and Confluences - 6

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Question: What do you mean by purity of heart?Well, why don't I let everyone here, in your own mind and heart, answer  that question.  What do you think is purity of heart?  Don't say it in words. The moment you try to give words to it, you have blown it.  There's a part in you in which there's a natural unselfishness.  There is a natural generosity, a natural magnanimity.  There is a natural calm.  There is a natural acceptance, a natural charity as a part in you.  It is a state of absolute stillness, a state of absolute stillness.  And all the other sentiments of so-called self-preservation or fighting for yourself, jealousies, anger, vengefulness are disturbances.  They are disturbances that block the path of converging forces, and things that should happen for you cease to happen.

Your own emotions are the blocks in the way of your progress.  You say, "I'm all upset because my employer was unfair to me," but my own feeling is that the upset began before that.  Be a person in whose presence no one can be unfair.  Learn to be a person in whose presence no one can be unfair – that your presence is so purifying that the other person's impurities don't come to the surface in your presence.  Did you want to ask anything more?