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Convervences and Confluences - 5

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The subject I've taken is vast, and at present, I'm only suggesting for you the possibilities for thought that exist.  If you want to be successful in life, try to learn to sense these convergences before they occur.  Now how do I do that?  I can't predict the future, you can predict the present. 

And in the person there is all the indications of what is coming your way.  So, the way to sense it, is first to drop all anxiety about the past, present and future.  Absolutely drop it.  People think they have dropped the anxiety but they have not.  More remains.  To really learn completely to relax the heart center – and I don't mean muscles.  There is a spot here in the middle of the chest where you can see your future.  There is a spot here which we call the heart center, the chakra, the "Center of the Unstruck Sound," where it is at that spot, not in the head, not in the skull, that any reading of somebody's thought occurs.  It's here, as if there's a mirror, a very quiet pool, an absolutely still pool of water.  It has to be absolutely still. It is not a state of depression.  It is not a state of repressing anger.  It is not a state of repressing anxiety or fear.  

Okay, not having any of the negative feelings and sentiments, absolute quiet occurs here.  People think that reading a mind or reading a future or somebody's future is concentrating hard somewhere inside the skull – Mmmmm – is sending the beam of thought out there, "ZAP!  Got you!  Pulled out your thoughts here.  I got it dangling at the end of stick."  That's not the way.  It's in the purity of the heart that it reflects.  And there's no doubt about it.  And it's at that spot, at that point that you begin to sense things, and sense them move and more and more.  It will not happen if your mind is filled with anxieties, fears, angers, and disturbances.  It happens only when there occurs an absolute calm and something reflects.  And if it reflects, follow it.

You will make mistakes because a lot of times people take the sounds of their unconscious mind, and from there begin to try to judge and they make a lot of effort at it.  It is effortless and instantaneous – when you're not even trying to reach it – just was there!  It's a very special sense.  And you can get to it, not by trying to get to it – you never will.  It is, however, by getting rid of all the darkness around you, by getting rid of all the darkness, all the heaviness, all the inertia, all the disturbances, all the restlessness that you have stored up inside you.  When that calms down, then a natural intuitive sense develops, and you will know what to do when.  Now, knowing it is one thing, and doing is another, because a lot of times the pure part of our being directs us to do something a certain way, but it is the impure part that blocks it.  The pure part of us directs us to do something a certain way.  A voice inside says, "Gather now."  The anger inside says, "Turn him off."  So you have observed it.  You obligated it.

See.  And you're sorry afterwards because that gentle voice inside you didn't listen to that because you did not have the control.  For listening, hearing, seeing that reflection it has to be absolute calm in the mind.  To implement the direction that comes from within, there has to be absolute control over your mind so that the uncontrolled parts of your mind do not misdirect you.  Do I make sense?  You want to ask a question or two on that?