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Convervences and Confluences - 4

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You see from you're way past the journeys of your many, many incarnations that you have gone through, the bodies you have changed.  The spirit and the subtle forces surrounding it have migrated and along the line has pick up much moss and much dust and much fear and much anxiety and much darkness, and some light, and some darkness again, some white, yellow, red, green or blue.  And as it goes along, it also drops some of those.  The cosmic forces sort themselves out.  You irritate someone.  You soothe someone.  Gather many, many debts; have to pay them off.  A child comes and throws your whole plan out of whack.  You just weren't planning the life that way.  You weren't, but the forces were meant to converge there because your karma and that child's karma, the karma of this soul and the karma of that soul were meant to meet at this junction in time.They're meant to meet at this part.

And each child brings a certain luck with him.  Each one of my four children has brought something into the family.  Each one different.  Before the child was going to come, certain things began to happen.  I better send my comforts ahead of time.  And some discomforts too which are my due, my share from my past karma.  So not only the parents provide for the children, but the children start providing for the parents, even before they were born because the karmas of the people in the family converge, interact, and cannot be separated from that moment on.