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Convervences and Confluences - 3

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All the time in the universe and in our lives, convergences and  confluences of forces are occurring.  And it is said that one of the great masteries of a master in the yoga tradition is the mastery over the forces of time.  My guru, Swami Rama, was in a country and went to see the president of that country.  The president of the country heard of Swami palm reading, and astrologers and the whole lot, fortune tellers, gypsies.  So he says, "What do you do?  Do you read palms, astrology, read charts, forecast futures? I'm really not interested in that."  He said, "No, but you do have some questions."  "Yes, Swami, but you can't answer my questions."  He's an all-important president.  I mean who can know his questions?  So Swami says to the president, "Mr. President, may I have a piece of paper?"  Given a piece of paper and pencil, Swami says, "I will write down the questions that you are going to ask me, and I'll write down the answers."  And he sat down in that chair in the presence of the president of that country, wrote down the questions and wrote down the answers, folded the paper and put it on the presidents table.  "All right, Mr. President, you ask your first question." 

And the president asked a question about a political situation – very specific in that country – and Swami says, "Well, Mr. President, that question and the answer to that question are on that paper that's on your table. Open it."  And that's question one. That's question number one.  The question has not been asked yet, but it is written down and answered."  What is the convergences of forces there?  And Swami said, "Mr. President, I can also write down the question you would ask a year from now." People don't understand time.

Those of us who are sensitive have learned the art of doing something on time by sensing that this is now the time to do it.  Get it done.  Swami always tells me, "I tell you to do something, and you dilly-dally, and the time passes, and it's no longer effective."  And I find the same thing with people working around me.  I want it done, and it should be done at that time and that place because there are other forces coming.  Like two trains on a track, on two tracks, see, and they have to pass by each other or they have to arrive in such a way that the passengers can really change trains, or planes or whatever.  So there are confluences and convergences of the forces of time.  My master calls them currents and cross currents of life.

People who struggle, struggle, struggle with life all the time are 

people who have lost touch with a certain reality that is flowing through them.  So they don't sense the time.  And then after a bit they say, "Oh, my God, if only I had known."  Right?  It has to be said by hitting the palm of your hand on your forehead.  And you say, "If only if I had known."  Doesn't carry the force. You have to accompany the idea with the right body gesture: "If only if I had known!  Oh, my God!"  All right, so one should learn to sensitize oneself to these convergences and confluences that have not yet occurred, but which are likely to occur.  And to know in advance of time where the train of your thought is going, and where the train of the other person's thoughts might be going.  It's called empathy. 

Sometime you don't even know the person who is to come by you.  Or simple coincidences, how a book changed your life.  Your glance selected the book, you opened up to a certain page and here the sentence hit me. Right?  "What a coincidence!"  Now when you say, "What a coincidence!" you say it a little differently.