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Convervences and Confluences

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In India there is a belief that wherever two rivers meet it is a very holy place, a very sacred place and if it is the confluence of three rivers, as for example in the center between the eyebrows, it is even the holiest.

Got you confused right?  Such places have been considered sacred for thousands of years.  The ancient Greek travelers to India speak of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims gathering at such places to take a sacred bath.  Even now one of the greatest confluences of people occurs once every twelve years at the moment when planet the Jupiter, which is traditionally considered the guru of the Gods, enters the sign of the Aquarius, the water sign.  And everyone follows the guru's example, of course, and millions of people come. A city of a million pilgrims in well organized tents and camps is a sight to behold.

These are external confluences, but there are confluences and convergences of subtle forces, as I said for example, where various energy streams of life force, where the various streams of consciousness force come together as in our chakras in the center of consciousness.

The question arises: just as there are such convergences and confluences of forces within us (chakras, centers of consciousness) as though at specific places – and I use the phrase "as though" quite carefully – similarly, is it possible that there are convergences and confluences of forces in the universe, in the universes?  So far as the patterns of energy flows are concerned, there appears to be, as one writer has called them, morphogenetic forces in the universe, the forces and flows because of which, for example, many unrelated things in the world take similar forms.  You are familiar with that phenomenon – the shape of the spiral galaxy and a roll of hair that exists in the eyebrow center in the sixth or seventh month of the fetus in the womb, or a roll of hair that a certain spot in the head of the children when they are born and the shape of certain shell, and the way some of these flower petals are arranged, are all similar.  While walking in the woods across the pond at the Himalayan Institute the other day – and this one secret spot where I always go – there are four hundred acres of woods and so much to explore.  I have my secret spots where I go and commune with myself, with my God, and with nature and with the animals around.  Looking down, I saw this shape, and I said, "My God, how can a sea shell be here?"

And I bent down, and it was no sea shell but the top of a mushroom with a certain shape, a certain marking which is found only on sea shells.  You take the mushroom and turn it around –  there also you see the same pattern that you see in shells.  You cut a tree, and the cross section has a certain whirl which is found everywhere in nature.  It appears as though anything beautiful in the universe consists of chakras, whirls and whirls of these forms, centrifugal, centripetal, converging into a center and moving out of a center, both simultaneously, from galaxies to the shapes of shells.  Or you take a drop of water and drop it in water, and the form that the subtle waves take are the same forms by which the first great concentrations of energy in the universe burst out before the universe was created, burst out and spread – and the waves are still being heard around the cosmos.