Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Members in the Body of Christ

There is much ignorance, and no end to suffering on this planet.   There are only a few saints and masters to alleviate it.   Their work is at the scale of an entire planet.  If it were not for them, humanity would have self-destructed long ago.   In addition to what they do, do we also want them to come personally to all their offices and answer [phones] and organize beginning level classes?  The word 'member' means a 'organ', a 'limb'.   It is in this sense that Christians are 'members of Christ.'  We initiates are eyes, ears, hands and feet of the spiritual masters.  This is as much as we can be, to share their burden;  this is how we are part of their work.   Their mind's strength and wisdom works through us, so we may help a few to make a start. 

When we view, or know, or remember, ourselves as members in the spiritual body of the masters,  their life-force,  their grace flows through us.  Our own minds grow in that grace only when we remember that in all our work, we are serving as 'members',  as 'organs' of that Spirit.

Did St. Peter rest?  Did St. Paul retire?  I sometimes wonder what the retinue of St. Francis had to say.  

I cannot forget how much suffering there is all around me in the world, and how few are capable of alleviating it through wisdom.  At one time I made bricks with my own hands to build an ashram and a school in an isolated community in South America.  I still make bricks, but somewhat differently now.  Will you join me?