Mastering Your Senses

That is what is meant by mastering the state of wakefulness, using whatever volume of intensity you find effective in the application of the power of your senses.  How much you want to sense with your eyes, with your ears, with your nostrils, with your tongue, with your tactile sense, is in the hands of your mind, so that you do not experience through the senses involuntarily. At present, all your sensing is accidental and passive.  The light happens to fall on the eyes, so you happen to see.  The sound just happens to enter your ear, so you just happen to hear.  You do not see consciously, hear consciously. You do not taste consciously.  You do not touch consciously.  You do not smell consciously because you have not learned to withdraw your senses, so that your senses are not keen, are not acute. The same applies to the application of conscious mind.  I remember, once in California, which is an earthquake-prone area, I was leading a long relaxation to a group of 20-30 students in the yoga room.  An earthquake hit. Nobody moved. I continued with my guidance, and they continued to receive it. Not a twitch! Then I would say that the group has made spiritual progress. Every little twitch in your wife's or your husband's cheeks makes you feel like an earthquake has struck!