Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Signs of Meditative Progress

As you walk on the path of yoga changes occur in you. First you realize, you begin to realize that there is something changeable in you, and changes occur in you. Your body language changes. There is no more uncertainty in your body language. There's no more demonstration of conflict in your body language. One shoulder this way, one shoulder that way. That will stop. Neck sometime this way, sometime that way, sometime that way, sometime that way. That will change. Your body language will become balanced. That change occurs.

I have here somewhere a secret Himalayan herbal cream. Rub that everyday. You will have less wrinkles on your face. It's an invisible cream and it's for free. The less wrinkles form on your face as you progress spiritually. That change occurs.

You become more and more a neutral observer of events. Events in your body, events in your surroundings so that you become a neutral observer of your own illnesses and pains and thereby you learn the art of self healing. These are just a few examples I am giving.

The more someone scowls the more you smile. That change occurs in you. Your voice becomes softer and therefore more effective because it invokes the response of a yes from the listener. Just yoga postures in the spa will not give you that. It's a start, some sort of a start. You become less prone to anger, more prone to compassion. You begin to take the side of your opponent and explain your opponent to others. You begin to explain your opponent to others.

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